Richie vs SoundEX



Richie is an app that lets you invest with friends without sharing money.

Richie is a web and mobile application that allows users to invest with friends:
- @user creates a #GroupGoal and invites his friends
- they invest together towards the #GroupGoal without sharing money
- each #GroupGoal member gets his own advice to reach the goal
- investments are done automatically in portfolios based on risk level
- #GroupGoals can be very specific with a specific target amount and a target date such as #ColoradoTrip2018 or very broad interest leaning like #ModernTechnology or #FutureHome.

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Trade music artist shares in a form of a stock exchange.

SoundEX allows you to trade music artists in a form of a stock exchange. Buy shares of popular music artists and based on their performance in real life, price of shares goes up or down and so does your profit or loss.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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