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Proofreading concierge in your Slack

Nurtz gives you an access to dedicated text editor integrated into your Slack team. When you are not sure about your writing or just want to improve it – send it to the editor and get text polished in less than 10 minutes.

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You stare at your screen a lot. Make it worth it.

You look at your phone 96 times a day, and you stare at your computer screen at work all day.
If you want to make it worth it, Splashy does it for you. This app provides award-winning sources and photographs perfect to set as your wallpaper. If you get bored easily with your screen, enable the auto-changing, set your perfect interval and enjoy the breathtaking, carefree experience.

Splashy gets you:
Free and Premium version
Award-winning sources
Auto-changing intervals (including Surprise me)
Saving your favorites
Stunning UI

Splashy is now available on desktop, Android and iOS so you can enjoy beautiful wallpapers on all your devices.

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

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