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Crazy-simple online giving

Spora improves the online giving experience with a completely re-imagined user interface, fine tuning the log in process, allowing a giver to sign up and give in minutes.
Using a giving meter now givers can see the difference they make when they click "send," and the meter moves.
Lastly and most importantly charge is 1% per transaction, which makes us less expensive than any other giving service provider

Spora is truly the first major improvement to online giving in years
You can see all of these great features in action by visiting https://www.wearespora.com/ and watching our video here - https://vimeo.com/113853742

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Whatfix Enteprise: Enhancing self-service capability of any web product

Whatfix helps business to simplify the online experience of users by eliminating confusions and doubts. Use Whatfix and enhance self service capability of your product.
Whatfix features:
1. Create walkthrough with just few clicks: No coding skills, no training needed and easy editing.
2. Get walkthrough into various formats w/o any additional effort - slideshows, articles, videos, widgets and scripts for in app help
3. Create walkthrough on third party Applications - whatfix works well with Google Apps, Salesforce, Netsuite and many more..
4. Single tools for your support, onboarding & training needs
5. Improve user engagement - use Whatfix walkthroughs and identify users pain points and eliminate them.

Want to Increase revenue, enhance customer support and innovate your training? Try Whatfix!

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