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Snip and Share

Snip and Share
Snip and Share

Snips are the next sharing currency of the web.

Snip anything from a webpage, and share to your favourite places.

Our snipping tool is seriously powerful. Take text, images, GIFs, videos, extract the page, or make your own custom screenshot.

Then share instantly. To Facebook, Twitter, Slack and email.

People also like to add their own touch with a comment or a highlight.

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The only way to invest in your physical and financial wellbeing in one place.

Growing healthcare costs are being displaced onto consumers. Saving is out of reach for most Americans with over 60% with less than $1000 in savings and 34% with nothing saved. Financial stress is a significant contributor to poorer health which in turn promotes poor decision making that further compounds stress – becoming a vicious cycle.

Health and wealth are intrinsically intertwined. SQRL is a holistic wellness product that allows user to build up a habit of walking 10k steps a day and fund their own savings with every step. You fund your savings from your checking account into your own savings account. We move the funds at the end of each week based on your activity.

Employers can further incentivize employees with SQRL by paying out cash each time an employee hits 10k steps / day. Our turnkey solution takes care of setup, onboarding, automated payouts and we provide a real-time dashboard for the benefits administrator to keep track of user engagement and behavior change.

SQRL takes a non-judgemental approach to wellness, accepting everyone as they are and encouraging people to find their best selves through the power of positive reinforcement.

Location: Ashburn, United States

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