Mind Body Aware Games vs Stackify

Mind Body Aware Games

Mind Body Aware Games
Mind Body Aware Games

Free apps for mental life gymnastics

Mind Body Aware Games provides you the best apps to travel up and down your inner realms, as well as forward, back, etc. Focus on your reality as well as the reality of what others experience. You are the captain of your inner travels. Feel Love and acceptance.

Do this sitting down, or with the gentle exercises provided. By thoughtfully exploring myself from within, I learn ways it works, and try to make personal changes. This is a common idea to all meditators, but these apps make it more explicit by leading you through some of the specific internal movements.

Location: Foster City, United States

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Monitoring. Logs. Error. One tool. Everything developers need to support their apps

Stackify offer software developers the only developers-friendly solution that fully integrates error and log management with application performance monitoring. Allowing them to easily isolate issues, identify what needs to be fixed quicker and even before customers complain about it. Allowing developers to support less and code more.
Stackify offers two products:
1. Monitoring - application performance and server monitoring
2. Smart Error & Log management - integrated log management with smart error tracking
Stackify is the only product in the market that unified all these capabilities into one product relieving the need to maintain 5 different products and offering additional efficiency

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