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Dramatically improving the video editing workflow

Flixier is an online video editing tool which dramatically improves the editing workflow saving editors and remote teams a lot of time. Flixier offers 1 minute video rendering on any computer, streamlined communication features for getting feedback without rendering and real-time Google Docs collaboration style for video editing. Because Flixier runs in the cloud it also offers easy access to plenty of storage and clears up the client computer for other tasks.

Location: Iași, Romania

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We are the social network for social good

Stand4 is a social good technology startup headquartered in Boynton Beach, FL. On it, users will be able to take Stands for their favorite causes. Stand4 is the simplest way for you to make your mark on the world. No matter if you’re on the go or sitting on the couch, you can take Stands for your favorite causes. For every Stand you take, we donate.
Once the Stand is taken, the user will receive project updates that show the exact impact made so they can see all the lives they’ve helped touch, problems they’ve helped solve, and overall impact they’ve made on the world in one place.
Soon thereafter, users will be able to support causes in many other ways that include traditional support metrics (like donating, volunteering, or signing petitions) as well as entirely new ways to show support. Anyone who wants to make an impact can do so with Stand4.

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