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Startup Promotion List

Startup Promotion List
Startup Promotion List

Startup Promotion List gives you a first starting point where you can promote your Product, Startup or App.

Startup Promotion List gives you a first starting point where you can promote your Product, Startup or App.

You have your idea, product or even your startup ready? It's ready for the public? But where do you start publishing it? To whom do you tell it? The Startup Promotion List App helps you with your first promotion steps.

- Get an overview of which services are easy to use.
- Save a lot of time. Long searches for services where you can register your app are a thing of the past.
- Manage multiple projects and keep an overview of your promotion status
- Don't get confused and see on which services you haven't promoted your idea yet.

Location: Solingen, Germany

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Connected car solution for businesses and consumers to power the future of smart mobility

The ULU solution is an out of the box connected car solution targeted both at consumers and businesses. It consists of a OBD dongle with an always on cellular connection, Mobile apps and Web applications, to automate track and trace, trip logging, monitor vehicle health, improve driving behaviour, monitor how your car is used, when you are not behind the wheel and save on vehicle costs.

For businesses such as insurance companies, leasing companies, car dealerships, we enable them to instantly adopt and leverage connected car as a foundation for new business models, such as usage based insurance, vehicle health monitoring, road side assistance and offer their consumers new connected car services.

All data is collected and interpreted with intelligent algorithms in the ULU cloud and transformed to mobility related information, such as personal mobility advice to consumers, customer risk profiles for insurance companies, predictive maintenance for leasing companies and more.

ULU is available to consumers and businesses as a simple all-in subscription service.

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