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AND CO does the things you hate doing: invoicing, expenses and paperwork.

As a freelancer, admin work is the last thing you like to do. Through a combo of smart tech and experienced humans, AND CO does the things you hate doing: invoicing, expenses and paperwork. It’s a system that takes care of you, never the other way around.

By managing many freelancers' admin work, we can help you make smarter business decisions. Every member automatically and anonymously contributes to the collective intelligence, just by using the service.

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Startup Science

Startup Science
Startup Science

Giving founders an unfair advantage

To help startups design their success, 1 founder at a time.

Why? Because wealth inequality is directly tied to entrepreneurship. 95% of people who get out of check-to-check living do so by selling a business.

It started with researching why, how, and when startups fail. We did 1,200 interviews and spent months reading the research to understand the 90% failure rate. We learned that founders keep making the same mistakes and these mistakes can be avoided. And the problems that lead to these mistakes center around people, knowledge, and financial resources.

Accelerators are designed to help startups solve these problems. But only 2% of startups who apply, are accepted into accelerators. 60% of rejected founders “failed to complete the application due to lack of knowledge.” And 70% of those startups who are accepted, came through a referral. So if you don’t know the language or are not connected into the ecosystem already your chances are slim.

Location: Santa Cruz, United States

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