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kaidō is an instant gifting platform that removes the underlying stress/doubt in the gifting motion by engaging the recipient in the process.

By addressing and minimizing universal pain points in the gifting motion, we empower our users to unlock their innate generosity, gift more and ultimately deepen personal and professional relationships. Regardless of who they are gifting (friend, employee, client, significant other) and why they are gifting (birthday, anniversary, congratulations just because). We do this by:

A) Offering a thoughtful, focused curation of gifts that are desirable and functional, based on our daily research.
B) Allowing our users to gift a choice of 4 options from our curation, with the recipient choosing their favorite. Less pressure on the sender, higher satisfaction for the recipient, less product returns for the makers.
C) Not requiring the sender to know the shipping or email address of the recipient. Just a phone #, IG handle or LinkedIn connection will do.
D) Taking on packaging, handling and shipping.

Location: New York City, United States

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Startup Studio Playbook

Startup Studio Playbook
Startup Studio Playbook

Your go-to guide to understand the venture studio approach and how you can use it to turn ideas into thriving ventures.

The Startup Studio Playbook is the first ever book written on venture studios. With in-depth case studies and a comprehensive framework to build your own studio.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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