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Rootquotient is a leading product engineering company with a global presence, operating offices in Canada, the UK, and India. We have gained recognition for our exceptional product engineering and management capabilities, with a strong focus on custom software development. Catering to a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Education, Retail, Fintech, and Energy, we specialize in designing and building bespoke software products.

We take pride in being a "0 to 1" company, approaching every client’s needs as unique and developing custom software solutions from scratch. By embracing the latest technology, we empower our clients to become industry leaders and act as their technology partner. Our commitment lies in driving innovation and democratizing technology, transforming businesses through custom product innovations, agile practices, robust UI/UX design, and proven engineering excellence.

Location: Toronto, Canada

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Executive coaches On-Demand.

With a click of a button we connect you with one of our Ninjas - trained Executive Coaches that work with your schedule, are easy on your wallet, and are in-line with your personal needs. Ninjas customize their services so they fit exactly what you need to stay positive, productive, and balanced.

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