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StretchMinder is an app designed for people who spend most of their day sitting behind a desk and want to make a positive change in their lifestyle to improve their overall health, productivity, and w

StretchMinder is a work break timer with guided movement and breathing exercises. Oftentimes we get so absorbed into our work that we forget to take a break to move our bodies and refresh our minds. StretchMinder reminds you to take frequent breaks throughout your workday and guides you through movement and breathing routines to perform on each break.

Location: TST, KLN, Hong Kong

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Texas Reliable Maid Cleaning Service

Texas Reliable Maid Cleaning Service
Texas Reliable Maid Cleaning Service


Texas Reliable Maid is a cleaning company built on honesty, trust and hard work, offering services for clean and healthy living and our primary goal is customer satisfaction.
At TRM, we design cleaning packages to best meet the individual needs of all of our customers. If it’s a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, occasionally or onetime cleaning, regular cleaning, deep cleaning, move in or move out or a recurring maid service, post construction or carpet steam cleaning. We give you the best in service.
TRM wants to provide you with a cleaner and healthier home, more free time with your loved ones or your favourite activity, cleaning done at your convenience and your peace of mind

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