Studio Gear Revievers vs Throw

Studio Gear Revievers

Studio Gear Revievers
Studio Gear Revievers

Dissecting Music Gear

Studio Gear Experts was founded with a simple vision:
• To become a trusted resource site where people can learn how to start a music and photography home or professional studio.
• To provide the best and most reliable information on various studio gears and how to use them.
•To research and review the best studio gears on the market.

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The new space for asking and answering questions anonymously

In today’s world, content in communication exchanges is strongly influenced by the personas and façades people maintain/upkeep/safeguard socially, ideologically, and in relationships. Throw is an app for asking and answering questions anonymously.

Throw addresses this by creating a space free from this social agenda. Thus focusing strictly on the content exchanged and providing a safe, comfortable and unbiased space where people can ask and answer anything freely with no bias, fears, or strings attached.

Throw may be used for serious matters and also just for fun…

Our motto is "Be curious & dare to know!"

Don't miss our fun explainer video!

We'd love to hear any kind of feedback and questions about our product!

We're also looking for early adopters so if you’re interested don’t forget to sign-up!

Location: San Diego, United States

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