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eclipso Mail & Cloud

eclipso Mail & Cloud
eclipso Mail & Cloud

eclipso Mail & Cloud is the innovative, secure and independent brand for cloud and communication solutions in Europe.

Data security and data privacy move in insecure times like these more and more in the consciousness of the people.

Our Mission: With a wide Portfolio in Internet services to the main points Communication, Organization and Identity management we offer on our platform eclipso Mail & Cloud, people and their data a safe home.

Convincing customer's advantages: Protect Cloud-and E-mail use, high user friendliness, access by ext. or web, data thrift and in accordance with data avoidance §3a BDSG (federal data protection law) and kind(way). 5 EU data security-basic regulations DSGVO.

We are a European company, founded and based in Germany and offer on our platform a wide Portfolio in Internet services to the main focuses Communication, Organisation and Identity management.

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Organize offline conversations with your team.

Sunsama is an app that helps teams organize all their meetings, calls, lunches, and karaoke parties in one place.

Teams rely on face-to-face conversations to solve their hardest problems. Sunsama makes it easy for people in teams to get together offline. By organizing all offline events in one place, everyone in the team can stay in sync about what's going on, and get involved in the conversations that matter most. More face time, less hassle.

Sunsama is built for highly collaborative teams and organizations. If your craft benefits from input and discussions with your team, Sunsama is made for you.

Sunsama will give knowledge workers a space where they can quickly assemble meetings/calls around conversation topics. You’ll have visibility into what conversations are happening offline within your team, so you can join in, follow up, or share your input via comments. Teams will be able to share their availability and easily schedule group meetings both within the team and across enterprises.

Sunsama will be fully synchronized with whatever calendar you use, and integrate into your most important tools that help you communicate with your team (e.g. Slack), and manage your time (e.g. Tripit).

Team’s will have a feed that’s the pulse of their organization. Meetings will be presented as opportunities and not obligations.

Similar to Slack, you’ll be able to organize your team’s activities into channels, so that coordinating multiple projects and mixing in more social/playful activities is clean and simple. You’ll be able to comment, @ mention teammates, and shares files and notes on a meeting by meeting basis.

When we’re ready to serve larger enterprises, we’ll provide analytics about meetings and interactions within the organization, so companies can figure out how to encourage more productive conversations.

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