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Our API helps in real time validation of emails to help businesses accept only valid emails

Antideo is an API service that helps in identifying disposable/temporary email address, know spam or scam emails, email health, free or a company domain, IP health check, location detection and phone number validation services. Our clients are able to ensure that they are able to ensure the quality of their inbound leads from their online forms and their sales team spend their effort on the right leads

Location: Thrissur, India

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Connecting Dog Owners for Happy Dogs

Swapaw is a platform that connects dog owners so they can take care of each other’s dogs when they need help. Instead of relying on pet sitters, Swapaw members can use the platform to find other reliable dog parents to look after their dog and return the favour next time when the same person or another community member need help with their dog.

Members will be able to search our community of trusted dog owners, connect and make bookings through the platform. All members will have to pass our easy yet reliable 4-steps verification process. Swapaw will be saving our members hundreds a year on dog boarding, day care and walks, while making their dogs happier by helping them find new canine and human friends.

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