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Document, share, execute and track procedures to systemize your business and enable growth.

Free tool that enables users to create standard operating procedures, share them, execute them and track each member of the team. Users are able to focus on more productive aspects of the business while we take care of the repetitive steps. Our tool automatically executes steps based on the conditions your organization inputs. Have a productive day with ProcessEzy!

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The first artificial intelligence powered mobile application for swimming

SwiftSwim relies on Machine Learning algorithms to deliver unparalleled accuracy in identifying your swimming styles, performance and energy expenditure.
It recognizes your movements, learns from your own particular swimming style which helps you improve by providing accurate reports of your swim training! All you need to do is start the app, get in the water and train. This is the next step in intelligent wearable devices.
SwiftSwim uses sensors found in Smartphones for its measurements. In specific: the gravity and acceleration sensors as well as the gyroscope and magnetometer. This four instruments each capture data in a three dimensional axis. This means that for every hour that you swim, SwiftSwim captures over 5 Million data points, which translate into different metrics designed to enhance your swim training

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