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Pause is a time-off management tool that doesn't let plans break when teams take a break.

Pause is a time-off management tool that helps startups and remote teams balance happy and engaged teams with on-track projects. Pause is team-first, anti-burnout and pro-recharging.

Why your leadership will love Pause:

- Immediate and long-term visibility into teams' availability
- 'Lock dates' to mark critical project days
- Powerful Slack and Calendar integrations
- Clear leave policies to promote transparency
- Concise leave records, all in one place
- Startup-friendly pricing and no hidden charges

Why your team will love Pause:

- 3-click application processes and 1-click approval
- Burnout alerts in case of long gaps between vacation days
- Instant notifications of teammates on a break on Slack
- Birthday, work anniversary and public holiday alerts
- Dedicated Slack bot to book time off and check vacation balance
- Automatic 🌴 'away' emoji on Slack as a universal DND signal

We want Pause to become a frontrunner of new-age software that puts team happiness, productivity and wellbeing first. Get your 90-day free trial at!

Location: Bengaluru, India

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Secure your all digital brand assets that are important to your existing and future business.

SwissBroker is a high-standard boutique brokerage firm focused on the acquisition of unique digital assets such as domains, social handles, websites and more for clients. SwissBroker is are based in Zurich, Switzerland, but operates across all time zones. Working with SwissBroker saves you money, time and sleepless nights.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

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