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Cocolyze gets you found on the web. Easily.

Cocolyze is a creative little start-up that are changing things up in the world of SEO. We decided to it’s time to cut out the thrills and develop a tool that everyone, no matter how experienced you are, can get an optimized site.
We created a powerful and high-performing Rank Tracking and SEO Checker for those wanting to increase their online visibility. Whatever your level, Cocolyze is the solution for you. Check and monitor your keyword rankings 24/7 as well as spying on those of your competitors, and resolve all your SEO issues with our efficient Site Scan tool to achieve rank number 1 in the search engine results.

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Techsive is a tech blog with daily coverage on technology news.

We cover In-depth articles on anything that has to do with technology like Gadgets, Social media, How-to guides, internet and digital security. Here at Techsive, we believe technology is really awesome and should be used to its full potential by everyone. Our posts are an attempt to uncover the hidden possibilities of tech that we use every day. Most of it is easy to understand and apply even if you're not a tech savvy person yourself.

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