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Telegram Widget

Telegram Widget
Telegram Widget

Widget for a website, which will allow you to create a new communication channel with your customers!

Due to active growth of Telegram messenger audience and increased interest of programmers to Telegram-bots, we decided that it would be useful to show the latest posts from Telegram chat on a website (from the chat that was created by administrator of the specific website).
What is the Telegram Widget
This Telegram widget for your website, styled as messenger, shows the latest posts, as well as the number of participants in the particular Telegram chat. New messages are loaded in real time; there is a possibility to load the older messages. The widget has some settings: show messages for one or more tags and display messages from one or more authors.
What is this widget for
The widget will generate an additional channel of communication with clients; active users of the website will maintain live communication and dialogue with new customers. It to some extent may substitute the customer support service and the Questions and answers section on your website (if any). We believe that our product will create brand advocates for your business.
How it works
Thanks to the Telegram Bot API, new messages in chatrooms instantly get to our database and are instantly loaded to websites, into the widget.

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We may not have any equity in your business but we’re invested in the success of it all the same. With Upmarketry, you have a team of marketing experts at your side advising, inspiring and challenging you. When you experience incredible growth, we get a case study and endorsement from you. That’s our reward. In the meantime, let’s work hard, get results and enjoy every minute of this journey together.

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