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Online dating is so 90s. Skip the textual intercourse and have a REAL chat with someone at one of our hand picked bars around London today!

Book a rendeevoo in just a few taps, without having to chat at all. Simply select the person you're interested in, pick one of our available bars, set the time and order your cocktail to confirm the booking.

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Help tennis players stay motivated and maximize their enjoyment of the sport.

TennisKeeper is a new and free iOS app. It tracks your tennis activities, scores, footwork, and tennis strings usage. You can visualize your progress and see how you are improving over time.

Track your singles or doubles matches, hitting practices, tennis lessons and cross-training activities. Record your opponent's games style using our easy to use templates. Interactive dashboards display your match stats, total time spent, calories burned, steps count, head to head stats and many more. Share your scores, notes, and tennis photos with your friends or on social media.

TennisKeeper integrates with your Apple HealthKit so that you can understand your movement on the tennis court. Your data is stored on Apple iCloud so that it is safe and secure. No additional account creation is required.

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