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personal finance in one app (track, save, share, invest, all in one)

We are building an online aggregation tool for personal finance. So the basic idea is that a user can do anything related to personal finance in one app. Some of the current benefits of the app are:
1. track finances
2. bill payments
3. subscription management (netflix, disney+)
4. customized offers based on your financial behavior
5. automatic import of investment data from all your brokers
6. save for dream buys and get returns on the locked-in money
7. all the features of Splitwise + a lot of additional goodies
8. all new budgeting system integrated with every other feature
9. settle debts with friends with one-click payments
10. beautiful financial dashboards
11. and much more. we are your one tool for everything personal finance. check tallileo.com/features

Location: Bangalore, India

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AI-based online English writing assistant for personal use, business, and education

Our main goal here at Textly.AI is to help you write better, learn faster, and enjoy your everyday communication. In order to make this ambition a reality we’ve built a powerful web app and Chrome/Firefox extensions. Our AI-based algorithm will check your writing on millions of websites across the web, for free!

Location: Miami Beach, United States

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