TextPie: Create and Insert Templates vs VA-Africa LTD

TextPie: Create and Insert Templates

TextPie: Create and Insert Templates
TextPie: Create and Insert Templates

Text expander that allows you access all text templates for sales prospecting, outreach or business communication and completely eliminates manual copy and pasting from other files.

Create and automate sending messages, selling products, answering questions β€” No need to copy-paste messages with TextPie!

Forget about copy-pasting text from multiple templates. With TextPie, an autofill text expander, you will just need 2 seconds and 1 button.

β€’ Reach 100 people with TextPie as you would reach 10 by doing it manually.
β€’ Close more vacant jobs or sales deals.
β€’ Increase the open rate for cold outreach.
β€’ Forget about manually typing names, positions or dates. TextPie will autofill it for you.

You need TextPie if you:

β€’ Have too much documents with outreach copies.
β€’ Spend in average 2 hours on switching between tabs, manually copying each message.
β€’ Underperform because you spend to much time on manual rut and make small typos in names and dates.
β€’ Feel burnt out because manual tasks affect your motivation.

Just use TextPie for any daily work routine and achieve more. πŸš€

Upload your text templates and use them on any messaging platform like Linkedin or Gmail. Just type // on your keybord or click on TextPie icon and access multiple of your templates. Pick one you need and it automatically appears on scree, no more copy-paste.

Smart automation which is efficient and incredibly addictive

Your messages will be personalized by default with our dynamic variables. TextPie automatically adds specific details like names, dates, or other custom information to your messages or emails. No more manual data input or typos, it’s on us.

Ready to use templates, no need for a copywriter

Explore our Template Gallery to get ready to use templates for any purpose β€” a work email, cold outreach, cover letter or connection request. Lacking time for copywriting? Just pick your industry or communication goal, we have templates for any need.

Still in doubt?

β€’ TextPie is simple. We’re still surprised that it’s just 1 button and you access hundreds of easily organized templates.
β€’ TextPie is secure. We put your data safety first. We protect your templates and personal information from any breach.
β€’ TextPie can be used anywhere. Integrate it with all digital platforms like Linkedin, Gmail or Upwork.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

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VA-Africa LTD

VA-Africa LTD
VA-Africa LTD

At VA-Africa, we specialize in reducing the workload of business owners and senior professionals, freeing up valuable time and resources for greater personal and business success.

The Challenge: Startups, executives, and professionals juggling immense workloads experience chronic stress, strained relationships, and work-life imbalance. This ultimately hinders productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

The Solution: VA-Africa empowers busy individuals by offering virtual executive support services. You reclaim valuable time and free up your mind to focus on what truly matters – personal fulfilment and business success. We essentially take over your data entry tasks, customer service, email, calendar, social media management and other services specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Beyond Just Business: VA-Africa's impact extends far beyond individual benefits. With alarmingly high unemployment rates in Africa, particularly among youth, VA-Africa creates remote job opportunities. It empowers talented individuals, tackles unemployment, and encourages them to stay within their communities.

Bridging Borders, Transforming Lives: By connecting skilled African professionals with international clients, VA-Africa removes geographical barriers and fosters economic independence. This reduces the need for overseas migration, benefiting both individuals and host countries.

Join the VA-Africa Movement: Partner with us and experience the benefits:

β€’ Reduced workload and enhanced personal well-being
β€’ Increased productivity and profitability for your business
β€’ Empowering talented individuals in Africa
β€’ Fostering economic growth and development

Contact us via WhatsApp (https://wa.me/+2348117225192) or schedule a video call (https://calendly.com/va-africa/call) with us today. Let's discuss how VA-Africa can unlock your potential and make a positive impact on the world.

We are currently offering our prospective clients 20% off their first month and a 100% money-back guarantee if they're dissatisfied with our services within the first 2 weeks of service.

Together, we can achieve business success, personal fulfilment, and a brighter future for Africa.

Book a free call with us today

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

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