TextPie: Create and Insert Templates vs Volv Media

TextPie: Create and Insert Templates

TextPie: Create and Insert Templates
TextPie: Create and Insert Templates

Text expander that allows you access all text templates for sales prospecting, outreach or business communication and completely eliminates manual copy and pasting from other files.

Create and automate sending messages, selling products, answering questions — No need to copy-paste messages with TextPie!

Forget about copy-pasting text from multiple templates. With TextPie, an autofill text expander, you will just need 2 seconds and 1 button.

• Reach 100 people with TextPie as you would reach 10 by doing it manually.
• Close more vacant jobs or sales deals.
• Increase the open rate for cold outreach.
• Forget about manually typing names, positions or dates. TextPie will autofill it for you.

You need TextPie if you:

• Have too much documents with outreach copies.
• Spend in average 2 hours on switching between tabs, manually copying each message.
• Underperform because you spend to much time on manual rut and make small typos in names and dates.
• Feel burnt out because manual tasks affect your motivation.

Just use TextPie for any daily work routine and achieve more. 🚀

Upload your text templates and use them on any messaging platform like Linkedin or Gmail. Just type // on your keybord or click on TextPie icon and access multiple of your templates. Pick one you need and it automatically appears on scree, no more copy-paste.

Smart automation which is efficient and incredibly addictive

Your messages will be personalized by default with our dynamic variables. TextPie automatically adds specific details like names, dates, or other custom information to your messages or emails. No more manual data input or typos, it’s on us.

Ready to use templates, no need for a copywriter

Explore our Template Gallery to get ready to use templates for any purpose — a work email, cold outreach, cover letter or connection request. Lacking time for copywriting? Just pick your industry or communication goal, we have templates for any need.

Still in doubt?

• TextPie is simple. We’re still surprised that it’s just 1 button and you access hundreds of easily organized templates.
• TextPie is secure. We put your data safety first. We protect your templates and personal information from any breach.
• TextPie can be used anywhere. Integrate it with all digital platforms like Linkedin, Gmail or Upwork.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

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Volv Media

Volv Media
Volv Media

9 second news for high-performing individuals.

Volv is a Snapchat-backed text discovery app that curates the best content from 500+ sources and digests it for you in 9-second articles using AI. Think breaking news, to hype trends, to newsletters, and viral social debates all in a few swipes. Volv is an app for high performing individuals who want get to updated with doomscrolling on the internet. We not only encourage a user to read more, but simultaneously prevent them from doomscrolling - we call this the Volv Paradox. We have over 40 Million stories swiped on the app from users in over 50 countries, all organically. Our core users don’t use social media, so we’re tapping into a demographic that big tech and legacy media firms are unable to.

All mediums of media - video, sound, images - have adapted to how our generation wants to consume content today. Except text. With our short attention spans, traditional text doesn’t cut it for our generation. We understand Gen Z, millennials, and boomers intrinsically and have built an app that addresses our short attention spans, our constant need to be up to date with the latest discourse, and also our need to disengage from social media. On Vol you get the best content from across the internet in one place in 9-seconds.

We have proprietary system with AI-based content summarization, hyper-personalize users' feeds based on interests and discovery, hyper-distribute content of non-video creators i.e., newsletters writers, podcasters - that don’t have a platform to get discovered. Rather than competing with newsletter, podcasts and other sources, we collaborate with them by covering and distributing their content on Volv. This strategy allows us to amplify the reach and impact of newsletter content, ultimately benefiting both our platform.

With 80% of our audience being Gen Z + Millennials, our vision is to become the go-to app for quick reads while simultaneously facilitating intellectual creators like writers, journalists, podcasters, who don't have a platform to get discovered.

Location: NYC, The US

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Volv Media Explainer Video

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