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A collaborative online database that helps your team get work done, in one place.

Fusioo is a collaborative online database that helps your team get work done, in one place. Fusioo gives teams the flexibility to build their custom database and work the way they want to, without writing a single line of code.

It is commonly used for a variety of business processes, such as project management, customer relationship management, issue tracking, office inventory management and more.

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THC Labs

THC Labs
THC Labs

A writing platform for individuals who want to express their creative musings and write about things they are passionate about, such as art, music, cosmos, food, sports and so on.

With mutual understanding and complete creative freedom, people can have a chance to do their own exploring and present their views in a structured way through the platform that is THC Labs. This exploring can also act as tripping fodder for people all over the globe, who have only been subjected to the tailor-made fear, half-truths and manipulated views that are being propagated by mainstream media in today’s world. THC Labs acts as a beacon for those who have been victimized by the limitations that are being imposed in this age on essential human needs, such as the need to think beyond the box, the need to question norms and pre-existing paradigms, as well as the need for creative freedom on the whole.

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