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Save the internet with one click

Swipebucket is a great tool for everyone that uses the internet. Swipebucket is designed to help anyone easily swipe and save content from the internet. Any content. Social Media Posts/Ads, Pictures, Save Url's, Quotes, recipes...really anything and everything.

A perfect tool for marketers, advertisers, web designers, graphic artists, creatives, and everyday social media users.

List of features that you cannot miss:

1. Save/Swipe Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc) contents including sponsored ads
2. Full-page screenshots, Regional Screenshots
3. Add Notes
4. Add Tags and Stars
5. Save URLs
6. Highlight texts
7. Import Kindle Highlights
8. Unlimited Buckets to organize your saved content
9. Create Project with saved content and share it anywhere
10. Daily Digest and auto-reminder
11. Mobile Apps (Access all your info on any device, at any time. )
and more...

Your endless internet surfing can now be organized, noted, tagged, and saved in one place, so you can easily find projects you are working on, get new ideas, and stay inspired.

Swipebucket has literally created a mega “save anything important to you” experience so not only will you be able to swipe anything that sparks an interest to you for inspiration anytime, but you will easily be able to find anything you saved and even automatically get reminded of swipes from long ago.

Who our customers are:
Online entrepreneurs, Online Marketers, Advertisers, Content Writers, Graphic Artists, Web and Funnel Designers, and anyone that uses the internet for work, fun, or information.

Note: Soon, we are going to release Swipebucket V2.0 with lot more features. Register with us now and get all the future updates automatically. Stay connected!

Location: New York, USA

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THC Labs

THC Labs
THC Labs

A writing platform for individuals who want to express their creative musings and write about things they are passionate about, such as art, music, cosmos, food, sports and so on.

With mutual understanding and complete creative freedom, people can have a chance to do their own exploring and present their views in a structured way through the platform that is THC Labs. This exploring can also act as tripping fodder for people all over the globe, who have only been subjected to the tailor-made fear, half-truths and manipulated views that are being propagated by mainstream media in today’s world. THC Labs acts as a beacon for those who have been victimized by the limitations that are being imposed in this age on essential human needs, such as the need to think beyond the box, the need to question norms and pre-existing paradigms, as well as the need for creative freedom on the whole.

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