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Web-scraping shouldn't be so hard. We aim to make it easy.

If you're getting blocked while web-scraping you're not alone. If you're also having issues setting up headless browsers at scale then you're also not alone. Smarketize is a web scraping service that allows you to quickly scrape any website you might need. You're able to render websites that are using the latest javascript frameworks so you're not limited to plain HTML. We also have a massive proxy pool that automatically rotates and helps you avoid detection. All of our browser instances have custom scripts to help you get the data you need from a website!

Location: Grande Prairie, Canada

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The Marcademy

The Marcademy
The Marcademy

A free online marketing & growth bootcamp

Practical Knowledge > Theoretical Information
Books and courses consume a lot of time. You invest hundreds of dollars for shitty information that isn't even applicable.

Interactive content
Learn from blogs, podcasts, videos, quizzes, tutorials for tools, downloadable resources/templates, and more

Content curated by experts
Content curated and organized for you by the people who've been there and done that

Location: Ahmedabad, India

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