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Heat reflective | Cool roof tiles for your terrace in Chennai

A Cool roof tile is a type of roofing material that reflects sunlight and reduces the temperature in buildings.
Cool roof tiles are a great way to reduce the heat that your house absorbs from the sun.
Cool roof tiles are made up of naturally occurring white minerals with a high solar reflectance index. In simple language, the sunlight that falls on the roof will get reflected back into the atmosphere.

Location: Chennai, India

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The Stick Company

The Stick Company
The Stick Company

IMStick is the game-changing solution in the world of mounts for gadgets.

The Stick Company is a team of professionals developing smart, innovative and stylish accessories for smartphones. We invent, produce and distribute unique products protected by patents all over the world. Since the foundation we have grown from a product concept into a mass production in less than two years and released our flagship product - IMStick.

We started up in 2017 with a desire to create disruptive and versatile smartphone solutions that would give its users infinite ways to mount or hold their devices. Now we've grown into a multinational team of inventors and developers with the ultimate goal – to elevate each person’s smartphone experience to a new level with our product range - IMSolutions.

Intelligent Magnetic (IM) Solutions – is a convenient, secure and stylish variety of gadget accessories, with IMStick at its core. Intelligent Magnetic Stick (IMStick) is a user-friendly holder for your smartphone, developed as a game-changing solution in the world of mounts for mobiles.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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