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Figma2Adroid - plugin for easy convert from Figma designs to Android Jetpack Compose code.

Figma2Adroid - plugin for easy convert from Figma designs to Android Jetpack Compose code.

Very often designs contain many different properties for elements of distance, color, proportion, as well as their layout. Developing such projects can be very tedious, and inconsistencies in design and development can negatively affect the overall design view after development.

Figma2Android plugin reduces the number of measurements of sizes, indents and positions of nodes, layer design operations and saves time / energy, even if the developer and designer are the same person.

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The Winnow System

The Winnow System
The Winnow System

Technology to cut food waste in half

We believe that food is far too valuable to waste, and that technology can transform the way we use food.

Every year the UK hospitality sector wastes around £2.5bn worth of food. The modern commercial kitchen is an inefficient factory which is uneconomical and can waste as much as it generates in profit. This is a failure and we can do better. We believe that chefs deserve the information in an easily accessible way to make their kitchens more productive, freeing up time to focus on being creative with food.

We are Winnow. We develop innovative, accessible technology to empower people to get the most from their kitchens and reduce unnecessary wastage. We believe that what gets measured gets managed, and by using technology and information intelligently, kitchens can be made more efficient.

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