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This is a unique collection of sounds for every occasion.
Search & discover the best sounds of your life, share them with your friends or submit new if you can't find what suits you.
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Soundy was developed by team.

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A SQL IDE for Excel

ThingieQuery is a plugin for Excel that enhances the user's productivity by enabling the use of SQL inside Excel, and additionally combining it with VBA, regular expressions and other popular technologies.

Its goal is to make SQL operations accessible in Excel so they can be used easily and often. It has a minimalist user interface and a short learning curve while still adding a huge amount of expressiveness and power to the user.

It is not a plugin that does one specific thing, like merging tables, or removing duplicates. Rather, it's a tool that serves to enable the user's existing knowledge and skills in a setting that has limited native support for them.

Joining tables, filtering, grouping etc. are just a start. With its ability to automate writing results, its VBA automation API, its ability to call into VBA functions and subroutines and its ability to use external database engines to process Excel data, possibilities for making your Excel chores easier and faster are abundant.

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