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Mindleap is a mobile app that allows you to work with psychedelic aftercare specialists, to make the most of past psychedelic experiences.

Mindleap is the world's first app for psychedelic aftercare. Work with an experienced psychedelic coach on Mindleap to turn your "altered states into altered traits". With ketamine-assisted therapy already legal, and a growing movement of decriminalization in the United States, Mindleap's goal is to help you use your psychedelic experience as something transformative, by doing the work to understand what came up during your trip and integrating it into your life. Specialists are available via video call, and through the app you can also track your mental health each day.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

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Thingthing Keyboard

Thingthing Keyboard
Thingthing Keyboard

Thingthing Keyboard is the fastest and most enjoyable way to share your digital things while chatting and emailing.

Thingthing Keyboard is a 3rd party keyboard for iOS. It gives you a fast access to your files from Dropbox, Google Drive. And it’s not only about files. It’s about whatever you want to share. Photos, videos, lists,... everything you have on your device, Instagram, Facebook, Pocket, etc. It also has a built-in calendar to quickly check and plan your meetings, send invitations and share events.

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