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Did you know that NFTs have already overtaken our digital space? NFTs have got an irreplaceable spot among the crypto users, and those who have invested in the NFT marketplace have already witnessed the first phase of the boon. You might be puzzled; why am I stating this right now? Yes, when I speak about the second phase, all I mean is that one can effortlessly undergo the NFT marketing services to make their marketplace flourish in the competitive market. This will help all the budding entrepreneurs to find out the hurdles that they are facing and overcome them through effective strategies.

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We are TimeFlip Team, and we would like to present our new and easy to use a gadget for managing your time.

TimeFlip is a revolutionary IoT gadget for time tracking. Elegantly shaped and enhanced with
powerful software, it has been designed to make time management an intuitive and tangible task. Some of the most important features of TimeFlip include integrated time management services, open SDK for custom applications, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and one year battery life. The core of TimeFlip is a smart sensor that record own orientation in space at any given moment. TimeFlip features optimized user flow, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and extremely low energy consumption. We provide fully open SDK and CAD designs for developers.

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