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Ignite Group

Ignite Group
Ignite Group

Ignite Group is a digital marketing agency created exclusively for the automotive industry across Australia and New Zealand.

Ignite Group is a digital marketing agency created exclusively for the automotive industry across Australia and New Zealand. Ignite Group helps franchise car dealerships, OEMs and independent car dealers drive incredible sales growth. We’re Australia’s experts in generating leads for automotive retail. Our services deliver performance-driven social media advertising and marketing automation solutions to help your automotive business get more appointments and sales. As automotive specialists, we take a unique approach to scrutinise data and target the shoppers who are looking to buy. We’ll also show your sales team how to increase appointments so you can grow your conversions faster.

Ignite Group will help your dealership get quality leads and nurture prospects at every stage of the vehicle shopper journey. We leverage proven techniques including remarketing and CRM retargeting to drive appointment bookings, finance applications and test drives. Get your marketing seen by the people who are most likely to respond with a strategically designed and implemented campaign from our leading digital marketing experts.

Location: Cheltenham, Australia

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Discover, buy and license separate tracks from original recordings

Tracklib is a revolutionary new marketplace to discover, buy and license tracks & stems from original recordings. It is created for music producers, both amateur and professional, as well as music buyers – from sound designers & editors to music advisors.

Every song consists of several individual tracks. These are recorded separately, and for most songs, they still exist – locked in a room somewhere. Let's say you would like to use only the vocals from a 70s soul song or the bass hook from an old funk song. Tracklib makes this possible. For a small fee, you can download a track from a song and play around with it. If you would like to share your new creation, Tracklib also makes it easy to license the track, for both sampling and synchronization.

So Tracklib creates new opportunities for artists, producers, editors and music lovers. And generates completely new revenues for the whole music industry.

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