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API for removing unused CSS from your web pages

Web pages nowadays are bloated with excessive CSS. Sometimes there are classes that are no longer used anywhere in the website.
Sometimes the browser has to load the stylesheet for the entire website and then only use a small portion of it.

That is why it's handy to use a service that will only serve the CSS that the browser actually needs to display the page properly.

As a result, stylesheets are cached, file size is drastically reduced and page speed is improved.

Location: Berlin, Germany

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Discover, buy and license separate tracks from original recordings

Tracklib is a revolutionary new marketplace to discover, buy and license tracks & stems from original recordings. It is created for music producers, both amateur and professional, as well as music buyers – from sound designers & editors to music advisors.

Every song consists of several individual tracks. These are recorded separately, and for most songs, they still exist – locked in a room somewhere. Let's say you would like to use only the vocals from a 70s soul song or the bass hook from an old funk song. Tracklib makes this possible. For a small fee, you can download a track from a song and play around with it. If you would like to share your new creation, Tracklib also makes it easy to license the track, for both sampling and synchronization.

So Tracklib creates new opportunities for artists, producers, editors and music lovers. And generates completely new revenues for the whole music industry.

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