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Conseris: A data collection app for researchers in the field.

Conseris is a web app designed to help researchers collecting field data to work more efficiently. The app allows users to create customizable collection forms where they can collect and safely store unlimited data. Additionally, the app uses intelligent algorithms to identify patterns and trends in the data to make it easier for the researcher when they begin analysis. It is also easy to share your data with others and to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Finally, the app works with or without wifi making it ideal for work in the field.

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Your football platform with all the data you didn't even know you needed!

Transferhunt is the football platform for fans, coaches, club owners, agencies and players. We provide you with all the data you need to make the right choice at the right time. This can be when you are looking for new players to reqruit, get in touch with agencies or check the predictions and analytics of your most favoured team.

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