Sherpany Investor Service vs Travelstop

Sherpany Investor Service

Sherpany Investor Service
Sherpany Investor Service

Digital Shareholder Relations

More time for the contents: Sherpany gives your IR department the ideal tool for managing data and instructions when preparing the General Meeting. You steer preparations and the dissemination of information to your investors. We take care of the correct relay. From now on, Investor Relations is just as easy as communicating on social networks.
Sherpany reduces the amount of time you spend compiling information for shareholders and raises awareness at the same time. You send impulses for communication and reach your investors at any time digitally using the central, independent Sherpany platform.

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Travelstop makes it super easy to manage your business trips, automate your expense reporting, and provide meaningful insights to business owners.

The focus of Travelstop is on simplicity. It features clean UI, automated expense reporting, flexible travel policy, and data-based insight to allow business teams to analyze travel and expense costs.

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