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TraviYo is a technology partner of travel agents that work in close assistance with them.

Growing business, gaining a competitive edge and having a large customer base is essential for every business. Travel and Tourism industry is one of the most dynamic ones, and we have some big and small players flooding this business niche every day. As per the reports of the World Travel and Tourism Council, India is expected to become the third largest economy in the tourism sector by 2028. In the year 2015, around 8.03 million international tourists came to India which is around 2.56 million more than the numbers that were observed in 2000.

Moreover, the outbound travel has also seen a growth recently, approximately 1.1 million Indian nationals traveled to the US in 2015 and is expected to rise to 1.41 million by 2020. Europe is also a popular destination for the travelers from India, in 2016, 2.16 million people traveled to Europe. Thus, the travel and tourism industry has seen the growth at a breakneck pace and hence, managing such huge volume manually becomes a daunting task. Travel software like TraviYo ensures that the travel agents and companies can manage their business operations and their work efficiently.

With an objective to help the travel agents streamline their business functioning, make their time more effective and efforts more efficient, StoutWeb, one of the leading travel software provider has developed a tool which aims at automating the travel agentsโ€™ work and making the entire process streamlined. TraviYo is the software that we are talking about.

Location: Ghaziabad, India

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Save 3-5x time creating documents by transcribing your voice to text on EVERY website using the Latest AI models. Create reports, write requirements, produce content with ease.

Quickly transcribe you voice to text on EVERY website. Using latest AI models you can covert speech to text everywhere. Create reports, write requirements, produce content with ease.

Key features:
- Quick Transcription: We automatically ensuring high accuracy and context understanding;

- Automatic Translation: Our AI can record audio to target language. Select a desirable language, speak in your native language and get translation of new language;

- Transcription Refinement: The AI not only transcribes the audio but also refines the transcription by fixing any misspellings, polishing the text, and correcting punctuation without significantly changing the style.

- Privacy-Focused: The extension operates with user privacy in mind, processing audio and transcriptions securely. We do not store your voice and not use it to train AI.

- Supported languages: English, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Russian, French, Italian, German, Spanish

This extension is designed to streamline the process of converting spoken content into written form, saving users time and effort. It's ideal for simply capturing thoughts without the need to type. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, it's a valuable addition to the Chrome Marketplace for anyone who works with audio content.

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

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