Trilojee marketing vs Undersend

Trilojee marketing

Trilojee marketing
Trilojee marketing

Helping startup solopreneurs and entrepreneurs effectively grow their sales!

Trilojee Marketing is an easy online marketing planner that helps startup entrepreneurs develop a doable marketing plan, create steps to implement strategies, and measure efforts to maximize sales.

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Send activities-based emails to your users to increase engagement and conversion rate.

With Undersend, you can create and send personalized marketing campaigns to your users based on their activities.

You can trigger a message when a user does or doesn't do an action. Each email can be personalized by the user properties like first name, sign up date, or whatever you want. Personalized messages have a more significant impact on users.

Finally, set the campaign goal, measure results, and edit emails to improve outcomes.

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

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