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Brosix Inc

Brosix Inc
Brosix Inc

Brosix is a business instant messenger for internal communication.

Brosix is a business instant messaging service for internal communication. It has a lot of features to facilitate the internal correspondence of an organization such as screen-sharing, unlimited file transfer, broadcast message, co-browse, voice and video chat, etc.

Location: Wilmington, DE 19809, United States

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Trunq builds dynamic private digital scrapbooks

Trunq combines messaging and cloud storage to help transform piles of digital files into a dynamic private digital scrapbook. Users can capture or upload videos, pictures & other digital items with a quick snap. The moments are delivered to Trunqs — private digital shoeboxes of moments maintained on a timeline. Family or friends can share things with Trunqs too. Items shared can be trunqed or junked, allowing users to curate what goes in their Trunq. With little effort, over time, Trunq users build a private “trunk” of curated digital moments that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Trunq separates the best digital items from everything else. Everyone has thousands of pictures, videos and documents stored on devices and computers, and likely have viewed thousands more on social networks. But where do people keep their favorite electronic items? Are they buried with all the random stuff? Are they deleted because of phone storage space? With Trunq, the best things easily can be set aside, privately shared, and stored personally in a fun, organized way.

One of the unique features of Trunq is that shared items can be delivered to open in Trunqs up to a year in the future. These future messages (called “Laters”) can highlight a special day or event, or be sent just for fun. Laters are delivered to Trunqs wrapped up either by being scrambled or with a cover image chosen by the sender.

Trunq is an essential product for anyone who wants to maintain a digital shoebox of the best digital items. It is a great app for teens to store their favorite videos and pictures in one secure place without using phone storage. Parents also can open Trunqs for their children and make a private digital scrapbook that family and friends can enhance over time.

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