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One place for all of your subscriptions

SubscriptMe is an iOS app to help you track your monthly and annual subscriptions, stay on top of your bills, find ratings and reviews, and share what you love with friends. SubscriptMe auto-detects subscriptions based on the apps on your phone, so no credit card is needed. Then, you can customize bill rates, cycles, and set bill reminders.

SubscriptMe will give you a breakdown of your monthly, year-to-date, and lifetime spending on subscriptions while giving you context around the types of services you use. Finally, rate and discover popular and curated lists of the best services and get started with the subscriptions that interest you.

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Turnstile discovers who is visiting your website and reaches out to them via social media and email.

Thanks to Turnstile, get data such as first name, last name, email, geolocalization and social media handle to reveal your audience. You can even request custom data from your users.

Multiply your conversion rate by turning each piece of content into a lead-generator. Turnstiles integrates into your application for a user-friendly and smooth experience.

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