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Like inception for your todo list

Hello everyone,

I’d like to tell you about my new app, TVSK. TVSK is a todo list with an intuitive interface that lets you create todo lists within your todo list -- like inception for todo lists.

To create a new task, pull down and release. To complete a task, swipe right. And swipe right again to uncomplete a task.

After you’ve created a task, you can create subtasks of that task by pressing the + button.

TVSK allows you to estimate complex projects in a way never seen before. When you estimate a subtask, it’s parent task will recalculate it’s estimation, which in turn will cause it’s parent to recalculate. This makes it easy to create deep trees of projects and quickly know how much time the project will take.

The other cool feature about TVSK is focus mode.
Once you’re done estimating your task or your project, you can press the start button on the task, and it will go into focus mode. When the time is up, it will ring, and you can stop that task, and move on to the next one, or continue working if you’re not done. TVSK will keep counting the time.

Focus mode also comes with pomodoro mode, so you can work in scheduled intervals and breaks. You can pause pomodoros and come back to them, and you can set a daily goal of pomodoros to hit. Pomodoro intervals are configurable in settings.

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we are kii ltd

we are kii ltd
we are kii ltd

The kii platform incorporates all the tools brands need to execute better multichannel campaigns, enabling them to identify, target and convert 5.7m UK key workers, grow sales and supercharge ROI.

kii is on a mission to source and share the best deals for key workers. Membership to the kii community is free, giving unrivalled access to exclusive offers from top brands.

The kii app unlocks a world of savings via your phone, no more forgetting your card and missing out on an offer. It is the only platform to offer a personalised digital ID and this gives brands the assurance that their offers are going to the intended audience. Robust verification and identification mean brands are able to run the best offers for kii members.

Simply activate your account by verifying your employment status using your work email or ID, in one of the following sectors: NHS, Education, Police, Fire & Rescue, Social Care, Military.

The platform was inspired by key worker response to the pandemic but aims to serve society on a long term basis. Over the next few years, kii will be working to encourage more brands and members to join the community and the range of offers will expand even further until the kii brand becomes synonymous with key worker discount.

kii is launching in the UK in Spring/Summer 2023. The platform is free to join, the sooner you join, the sooner you will be able to access the incredible key worker offers they have been working with brand partners to secure. Sign up to the waitlist at

kii is able to offer free membership as it charges brands not members to use the platform. kii charges a fee to the brands who post offers on the platform so never need to pass on a cost to members.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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