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The AI-powered brain hack-based e-learning experience that will invert the forgetting curve to make newly acquired knowledge literally impossible to forget

Inefficient education experiences prove that knowledge acquired through conventional education models takes too long to study and absorb and that 70% of it is forgotten very quickely. Acquiring new knowledge should be easier, faster, more engaging and leading to better results through enhanced memorizing of newly received information.

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Ultra Healthcare

Ultra Healthcare
Ultra Healthcare

Ultra Healthcare Trusted & Reliable Health Solution

Ultra Healthcare is one of the trusted Ayurvedic health solutions which manufactures a wide range of products like Herbal Capsules, Herbal Syrup, Herbal Oil, Herbal Juice, Herbal Lotion, Herbal Powder, etc under the guidance of Ayurveda experts. Here users will get to see the modernization of herbs used in the medical system 5000 years ago with the same purity.

Location: Chandigarh, India

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