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Highest Homies

Highest Homies
Highest Homies

Highest Homies is a CBD service marketplace to connect people to activities and experiences enhanced by the benefits of Cannabis use.

There is lack of a marketplace for CBD services and experiences. People sell them on their personal social media channels. We solve the no show problem as tickets are sold to book any service or experience. We created a gig economy income and fight social distancing connecting people through CBD use.

Location: Valencia, Spain

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Get noticed, get opened, get results - UniqMail's AI ensures your emails never go unnoticed.

UniqMail introduces a revolutionary way to handle email communication, leveraging the power of AI to craft personalized messages that truly stand out. By integrating your own OpenAI or Google Gemini API key, UniqMail brings the cost of sending highly tailored emails down to zero, making it an invaluable tool for professionals in HR, Sales, and Marketing. With features like automatic name guessing from email addresses, support for CSV/Excel data upload, and direct email sending capabilities that reduce the chances of landing in the spam folder, UniqMail is designed to streamline your email campaigns and enhance engagement with your audience. Whether you're organizing a single project or managing multiple campaigns, UniqMail's user-friendly platform simplifies the process, ensuring your messages are both personal and impactful.

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

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