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Money Lockup

Money Lockup
Money Lockup

Pokemon Go for savings - Use AR to hide money from yourself all over town!

Do you dream of being Warren Buffett? Yet despite your best intentions, always spend your savings? Perhaps after too many tequilas you head to the ATM saying YOLO and withdraw your hard won savings? No more!

Money Lockup uses AR to let you gamify and lock up your savings at a physical location. Hide money from yourself across town, stash cash inside your favourite breakfast cafe so you can't withdraw it whilst drinking, or even stash your honeymoon money in a different country so you don't spend it before you get there.

Launched in Janurary 2018, Money Lockup is a completely new way to save! As fun as Pokemon Go, yet paying interest to match high street banks - save more by using the revolutionary savings app of the future to hide money!

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Urban Hawk

Urban Hawk
Urban Hawk

Data intelligence

We are UK company with solutions that unlock new ways for automation in real-time. With the help of 3d mapping we build the street-level replica (digital twin) of the urban landscape in time-lapse dense detail. We combine depth information extracted from ground photos and video captures, drone footage, and satellite imagery into highly efficient spatial data structures. Frequently updated. We aim to maximise situational awareness. We locate relevant urban data in the ever growing big data sets collected worldwide. They fuse with our digital twins, collate and then display in 3d with time-lapse. Our efficient spatial data structures enable to run path finding, collision detection, and basically physics inside a digital twin. In real-time. You and your developers can then monitor and apply relevant urban statistics in revolutionary and accessible detail. You and your operators can profit from the arising automation opportunities through the range of our premium products we have been developing and providing on top. Guidance in mobility and multi-modal transport, real-time risk assessment and claim validation in insurance, artificial intelligence to foster data driven decision making in maritime operations and smart cities.

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

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