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Kakebo is a personal finance education system for poor people.

Our service provides tools, strategy, and educational materials for people who tend to become financially independent:
— budgeting & expense tracking web and mobile app as the core;
— automated recommendations based on your spendings;
— educational courses recommended at the right time;
— online community for users to share their stories, support each other on their journey;
— local events with invited public speakers (tours).

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

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The power of AI and webcam for mobile site and app

UXReality by CoolTool is an inclusive AI-powered app for creating your own universe of user behavior data. The app allows you measuring what people see, feel and think simultaneously. It has all mobile behavior tracking features such as gaze plot, emotions, voice, scroll and click flow recordings with webcam Eye Tracking, Emotion Measurement, Voice Recording, and Surveys.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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