Axcess IT Ltd vs Value on Board

Axcess IT Ltd

Axcess IT Ltd
Axcess IT Ltd

Provider of EPOS Software solutions for Dry Cleaning, Laundries, Cobblers & Key Cutters

Axcess IT - CleanTouch Epos is an Epos software that is suitable for Dry cleaners and Laundry business. By using our software you will get to access all your inventory records and keep a track of record on your store inventory. Founded in 2001 with the goal of using our software, 'CleanTouch Epos,' to assist dry cleaners and laundry services to grow their businesses. Some of the features are Invoicing & Account Management, Expense Management, Management Alerts, SMS& Email, etc, and much more.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Value on Board

Value on Board
Value on Board

Get the right product to your market

Value on Board is a cloud-based solution that guides startups through the problem solution fit phase. It helps them get to know their market, find their niche and their unique value proposition. The philosophy behind our solution is to spare users from knowing all the frameworks by heart. Instead, we just guide them with questions and a chat based survey so they can build their customer profiles and value maps without being bizdev experts.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

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