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CaptureMyMeeting is the web conferencing app that makes online meetings searchable.

Tired of taking meeting notes? Wish there were a way for you to automatically search through the contents of your meetings? Introducing, CaptureMyMeeting!

CaptureMyMeeting is a smart, collaborative web conferencing application that records your online meetings and allows you to search through the audio contents and written contents of the meetings (e.g., text written on a whiteboard during the meeting).

We envision our app to be used by anyone who is interested in holding, saving, and indexing online meetings, such as working individuals in a conference room or at home, or students and teachers in a classroom or at home. Our goal is to make online meetings noteless and easy, from anywhere.

Location: Fremont, United States of America

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Value on Board

Value on Board
Value on Board

Get the right product to your market

Value on Board is a cloud-based solution that guides startups through the problem solution fit phase. It helps them get to know their market, find their niche and their unique value proposition. The philosophy behind our solution is to spare users from knowing all the frameworks by heart. Instead, we just guide them with questions and a chat based survey so they can build their customer profiles and value maps without being bizdev experts.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

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