Random NFT vs ViaClouds

Random NFT

Random NFT
Random NFT

Bored of seeing the same NFT over and over again? I've got you covered

Are you an NFT lover, but are tired of all the noise in the space, think that there's just too much going on, and just want to take a step back to appreciate what's being done? Then Random NFT is the cure for boredness that you've been looking for!

Random NFT is a very simple tool that shows you a random NFT from Opensea every time you refresh the page 🚀

This was a simple weekend side-project that I put in place in a couple of hours, so don't expect it to be a life-changing thing. Why though, you ask? Well, I was bored. That's pretty much it. But I do hope you enjoy it and get to have some fun with it - at least as much as I had building it 😄

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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