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Blazing fast low latency remote desktop built for creatives instantly connects creatives, gamers, anyone to remote environments that matter wherever they are, from a chrome browser.

βœ… Low latency streaming desktop technology
πŸ’₯ Windows, Linux, MacOS
πŸ‘Œ Free for personal use
πŸš€ [Businesses] Connect remote teams to their work from any device, wherever they are.

Location: Paris, France

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Communicate your 3D design clearly with world’s easiest AR & VR tool

Virtualist is a visualization and collaboration software that allows to import your own 3D models, upgrade them to amazing quality, and collaborate & showcase them in VR/AR.

Set up your scenes using Mac or PC editor with your own models and materials.

Prototype using VR (Vive, Oculus) and AR on Android smartphones and tablets. From small design reviews to large company presentations and conferences. Virtualist always keeps teams on the same page.

Location: Szczecin, Poland

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