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With Foreva you can backup and search your photos using Artificial Intelligence

Foreva is your personal photo collection and a search engine with unlimited free photo backup in HD. Backup your photos and keep your memories private, safe and secure.

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Visual Stories

Visual Stories
Visual Stories

Visual Stories helps online businesses and content creators get a PWA of AMP Stories on their website to expand their reach. is a multi-tenant, multi-site platform that has a multi-author AMP CMS at its core. We provide businesses with the technology to build mobile-optimized websites, and empower content creators with the tools to create AMP Stories. Our goal is to reach publishers across the globe and help them make the strategic shift to AMP Stories by building AMP-optimized websites for them.

A one-of-a-kind, AMP Story Builder available on the open Web. It is user-friendly, allows for extensive customization and is adaptive for technological advancements in the future.It lets you create content in the visually engaging AMP Stories format

Location: Pune, India

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