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RealTime Clinic

RealTime Clinic
RealTime Clinic

The World's 1st Digital Health and Social Platform

RealTime Clinic (RTC) is a mobile platform to enable safe and effective telemedicine consults. The platform leverages off-the-shelf technology as well as licensed technology to build a first generation platform to delivering superior service. Healthcare providers on the platform can extend their service levels for existing patients while allowing access to new patients.

RTC promptly pays physicians for patient visits by capturing payment at the time of the visit. RTC allows physicians easy access to all the benefits of a combined office model plus a telemedicine model including being able to see patients anywhere at anytime. RTC offers scheduling services, payment services, and provides a platform for physicians to augment current income with incremental income and profits.

We have built on the social features of what everyone is familiar with (i.e. FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn). There is complete transparency on RealTime Clinic so you can see what others are doing and learn from them.

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Voiver letโ€™s you find the perfect voice suited for you project.

oiver is a company which provides a platform where voice actors can create a profile to sell their voice over services to anyone interested in buying them.

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