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Tracey Bug Cop

Tracey Bug Cop
Tracey Bug Cop

Visual Bug Tracker that Integrates with Trello, helping you log, track and fix bugs fast.

Tracey Bug Cop lets you visually report website bugs, then using the power of Trello allows you to automatically assign, track and complete changes. Perfect for developer/client collaboration.

Tracey is a Chrome Extension, easy to install and used by Web Developers, Content Creators, Editors, Website Designers, Software Developers and anyone working on anything inside a Web Browser (Chrome).

Tracey currently integrates with Trello and "Tracey for Jira" is currently in development.

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Onboard developers faster with interactive code walkthroughs

Build step-by-step walkthroughs for the important parts of your codebase and stop wasting time giving the same shallow overviews. Create onboarding walkthroughs to bring new developers up to speed. Document the infrequently-touched portions of your codebase to give a refresh before jumping back in. Developers will learn and explore at their own pace and save meeting time for deeper, more valuable discussions.

Location: Pittsburgh, United States

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